What kind of Training Program Improves Electrical Safety in the Workplace?

The potential hazards of electricity can sometimes be overlooked which is a crucial error, especially in workplaces which can be home to a vast amount of electrical equipment. A comprehensive electrical safety training course should be a key foundation of training programs within an organization, ensuring that employees working with or around electrical equipment can … Read more

What are some Examples of Fire Safety in Industrial Settings?

Having sufficient fire safety measures in place is not only necessary to ensure those on site are protected, but is a regulatory requirement which must be followed by all businesses. In this article, we discuss some examples of successful fire safety measures which can be implemented to minimize fire risk to protect the workplace and … Read more

What are the Safety Signs that Every Workplace Should Display?

In the workplace, the implementation of safety signs is a crucial element to protect employees, visitors, and the site itself from potential hazards. Many of us are able to instantly recognize a range of standardized safety icons and graphics, coming across them frequently in our daily lives to warn of any upcoming safety hazards. In … Read more

What are the Metrics that can be Used to Measure Workplace Safety?

To evaluate the effectiveness of workplace safety within an organization, it is essential to analyze certain metrics which can help keep track of progress and identify potential areas which need to be improved. In this article, we discuss some examples of the metrics which should be tracked in order to accurately measure workplace safety, helping … Read more

How do you Boost Productivity With 5S?

The 5S methodology strives to create an organized workplace by eliminating waste and improving processes, in turn maximizing productivity. Being beneficial for a range of business types across various industries, the strategy is becoming more and more utilized as it gains recognition for its positive business results, streamlining operations throughout the workplace. In this article, … Read more

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What are some Strategies that can Create an Organized Workplace?

As well as helping to create a more efficient workflow and improve processes, an organized workplace has also proven beneficial to employee satisfaction, reducing their stress and assisting them in their duties. In this article, we discuss a range of strategies which can be implemented into the workplace to improve organization. Optimize workspaces The way … Read more

What are some Examples of Common Pharmaceutical Labeling Errors to Avoid?

With the pharmaceutical industry being so heavily regulated, it is of vital importance that the labeling on products is accurate and informative. With errors as small as incorrect decimal points or printing issues having the potential to cause serious consequences, providers must take great care in ensuring their labeling complies with regulatory standards. In this … Read more

How can Lockout Tagout Tags Prevent Workplace Injuries?

Lockout tagout (LOTO) is an important safety procedure which helps to prevent workplace accidents. By protecting workers from the hazards of machinery and equipment during down time or maintenance, LOTO is used to isolate a device and prevent accidents, a crucial health and safety measure. In this article, we discuss the ways in which LOTO … Read more

What are some Examples of Lean Principles in Healthcare?

In the healthcare industry, lean principles provide a powerful framework to help improve processes, identify inefficiencies, and cut costs without compromising on the quality of care provided. In this article, we discuss some examples of how lean principles can be applied to healthcare facilities to provide a better service of care while maintaining organizational efficiency. … Read more

What are the Different Types of Industrial Labels?

The needs and requirements of labels differ across different industries. Serving as important tools that help ensure organization, provide instruction, and enhance safety, ensuring labels are utilized and align with industry regulation is a necessity. In this article, we discuss some different forms of industrial labeling and examples of how they are used. Inventory labeling … Read more