How is Manufacturing Cycle Efficiency Found?

The manufacturing cycle efficiency facility is the amount of value-added production time divided by the total cycle time used for a task. For example, when manufacturing a new product, you would want to start by measuring the total amount of time that is spent on making the product from the moment its production begins until … Read more

How Can Efficiency be Measured in a Warehouse?

Keeping track of the efficiency of a business is extremely important. It provides you with a set of data to see how successful the business is that goes beyond simply looking at profits and losses. In many ways, the efficiency of a business is more important to know because it is something that you can … Read more

What are Some Ways to Make a Warehouse More Efficient?

Operating a warehouse takes a lot of work. In many cases, warehouse companies will begin their business with plenty of extra space and other resources, so operating with maximum efficiency is not a priority. Over time, however, it becomes clear that optimizing efficiency is the only way to remain competitive and allow for continuous growth. … Read more

Why was 6S Developed?

When asking about why 6S was developed, you must look at two distinct things. First, looking at why the precursor to 6S was developed. 5S has been around for quite a long time and was developed to help companies find different types of waste in the workplace and eliminate it. This helps the company to … Read more

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Is 6S the Same as Six Sigma?

The concepts of 6S and Six Sigma are often used together since they are both related to improving the way that a business operates. While the names seem similar, and they are often discussed together, they are actually two separate and distinct systems that can be used by a company. Companies can implement these systems … Read more

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What is a 6S Audit?

If you own or manage a company, you will want to do everything you can to eliminate waste and improve the efficiency of the organization. For many companies, the best way to do this is to start implementing 6S strategies. 6S is a very popular concept that takes six separate ideas, each of which start … Read more

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What are the Tools of 6S?

6S is one of the most popular and most effective workplace improvement strategies used today. By using the six strategies listed in this methodology, you will be able to better find and eliminate waste throughout your facility. Of course, just knowing about different steps you can take to get rid of waste is not going … Read more

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