What is the difference between floor marking tape and floor paint?

Floor markings are used in just about every industry. Whether it is a warehouse that needs aisles marked off, a manufacturing facility that needs to keep people safe, or even a supermarket that wants to section off departments, floor markings are an essential tool. There are even times when using floor markings is a requirement … Read more

What are different types of floor marking?

Floor markings are used throughout many industries to accomplish many goals. Sometimes a company will use floor markings because they are required by OSHA regulations, and other times it will be to help improve safety or organization in the facility. No matter why a company needs to mark their floors, it is important to use … Read more

What are OSHA’s floor marking guidelines?

When planning out a floor marking standard for a facility, it is important by starting with what is required. In many workplaces there will be requirements from OSHA on what type of markings there are, and how they are used. Getting a good understanding of these guidelines will help with planning any type of floor … Read more

Why is floor marking important?

Finding ways to improve the safety and efficiency of a workplace is very important. There are many ways that this can be done, but few are as effective as using floor markings. These markings are a great option because they don’t take up any space, and they can convey almost any message that is needed. … Read more

What are floor marking standards?

When shopping for floor markings it is easy to become overwhelmed. There are many different types of markings including floor marking tape, shapes, arrows, words, and many others. This can make it hard to know which markings should be used in which places. A company that decides to use too many types of floor markings … Read more

Who should implement 5S?

There are many workplace efficiency and improvement programs available for companies to consider, so it is important to take the time to understand them and choose which ones will be most effective. While many of these types of programs can’t work together, 5S is different. It can be very effective as a stand-alone strategy, but … Read more

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What is the 5S methodology?

The 5S methodology is a process by which companies can improve efficiency, eliminate waste, improve safety, and benefit the bottom line. It has been used since the 1970s in essentially its current form, though many of its strategies go back throughout human history. Despite the fact that this is one of the best-known business improvement … Read more

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How can 5S be used in different industries?

When most people think about 5S they assume that it is going to be for manufacturing, or perhaps warehousing. The fact is, however, that the 5S strategies can be extremely helpful in virtually any workplace, or even in people’s private lives. Popular Examples There are hundreds of examples of non-manufacturing companies using 5S already. For … Read more

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Where do I start with 5S?

When it comes to 5S, there is no shortage of information available online, in books, and just about anywhere else you look. While this information can be extremely helpful, it can also be quite overwhelming. For many people, it is hard to figure out exactly where to start when it comes to 5S. If you’re … Read more

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What are the origins of 5S?

The 5S methodologies have been around for quite some time now, helping millions of companies eliminate waste and improve efficiencies. In their current, more standardized, form, the systems got their beginning in the 1970s from the Toyota Motor Company. At this time 5S was identified as one of the different systems that would enable ‘Just … Read more

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