Does pipe marking affect efficiency?

When companies look at pipe marking strategies, they often start by reviewing how these markings can improve the safety of a company. While pipe markings certainly do help to improve workplace safety, that is just the beginning of the benefits that they offer. A good pipe marking strategy will also help to boost the efficiency … Read more

What are the ANSI standards for pipe color codes?

The American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, is a private organization that creates and publishes standards for a wide range of different products, services, systems, and personnel. One of the sets of standards that they have had in place for many years is focused on pipe markings and labeling. Pipe labels are used primarily in … Read more

What information can I include on a pipe label?

When labeling pipes you will have a lot of options available in terms of what exactly goes on the labels. This is because OSHA typically doesn’t regulate exactly how the labels should look, or what should be on them (though they do offer recommendations). For most facilities, pipe markings will still be a good idea … Read more

How do I calculate how many pipe labels I will need?

When adding labels to your pipes it can be difficult to estimate how many of each type of label you will need. Understanding the requirements of where the labels need to go is a great start. From there, you can get a good idea of how many labels will be necessary. For many companies, however, … Read more

What text should I use on a pipe label?

Pipe labels are quite a bit different than most other types of labels in the workplace. This is partly because of the fact that there is a very limited amount of visible room on this particular type of label. Since the label has to wrap around the pipe, it requires you to ensure placement of … Read more

What symbols should be put on a pipe label?

When labeling pipes in the workplace it is important to be able to convey as much information as possible with a limited amount of space. There are a variety of strategies used to accomplish this goal including using set color combinations, the right size of text, and even using symbols. The symbols used on pipe … Read more

What should the height of text on a pipe label be?

When using labels in the workplace to convey information it is important to ensure everything is readable from as great a distance as possible. For many things this simply means printing the label with text in a large font so that people can see it from quite some distance away. When labeling pipes, however, that … Read more

What do user-defined color combos mean for pipe marking?

When labeling pipes in the workplace most companies will follow the ANSI recommended pipe color codes. This will help ensure everyone who needs to see the labels will know what is within them and how to work with them very quickly. While there are quite a few set color combinations in place, ANSI has also … Read more

What are different types of tool organization?

At Creative safety Supply we offer a variety of solutions when it comes to organizing tools in the workplace. A workplace could use one of these strategies or a combination of a few for an effective tool organization strategy. Having effective tool organization strategies in the workplace will help to reduce wastes, save time, and … Read more

What are the cons of using a toolbox?

Using a toolbox and tossing tools in there with no organization plan will not only waste resources, but could lead managers to reordering unnecessary replacement tools, or workers getting injured. Purchasing a toolbox is a good step in the right direction of tool organization, but it shouldn’t stop there. Many toolboxes lacking an organization strategy … Read more