Where do I start with Lean manufacturing?

Any company that is looking into implementing Lean manufacturing standards is going to run into one significant obstacle. Where to start. While there is endless documentation and recommendations on ways to perform Lean manufacturing techniques, there really isn’t very much out there that can help take these methodologies from an idea into production. Fortunately, it … Read more

What are Lean manufacturing tools?

Lean manufacturing facilities use a variety of tools and strategies to maximize efficiency and eliminate waste. Unlike strict process improvement methodologies, Lean is more of a high-level strategy or concept that will take advantage of what other systems have to offer. Part of Lean manufacturing is being able to determine which tools are the right … Read more

What are principles of Lean manufacturing?

Any company that is thinking about implementing Lean manufacturing strategies will want to take some time to learn about the main principles behind this methodology. While most people simply associate Lean manufacturing with waste reduction, there are a number of underlying principles that make it possible to successfully eliminate waste from the workplace. The following … Read more

What is Lean manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing is a system used in the manufacturing industry to help identify and eliminate waste. In practice, Lean manufacturing breaks the broad concept of waste into several sub-categories to make it easier to find and remove. Many companies have been able to save a significant amount of time, money, and other resources by using … Read more

What is the Lean manufacturing process?

The specific processes used by a company that is following Lean Manufacturing techniques will vary based on their business model. All Lean Manufacturing companies, however, will need to follow the same basic concepts or processes. This will allow them to identify the waste, find ways to eliminate it, and then implement those improvements. The steps … Read more

What are the 7 (or 8) wastes of Lean manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing is focused on waste identification and elimination in the workplace. When using this program, it is necessary to get specific in regard to what types of waste exist, so that it can be more easily eliminated. With this in mind, the Lean manufacturing system classifies seven specific types of waste, and one additional … Read more

How can Lean manufacturing help a company?

If you are thinking about implementing Lean manufacturing in your facility, you will want to take some time to understand how it will help the company. Most people understand that Lean manufacturing is a waste reduction and elimination program, but what does that mean on a practical level. Read on to get some good examples … Read more

How can I implement Lean manufacturing?

Implementing Lean manufacturing into your facility can help to identify and eliminate many types of wastes, which can have big benefits for your bottom line. Getting started off on the right foot is important for ensuring you get the best results possible. The following are some key tips for implementing a Lean manufacturing program in … Read more

How is Lean different from Six Sigma?

When looking for ways to improve a business, many people will look at Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma and see a lot of similarities. While it is true that they are both primarily focused on eliminating waste in the workplace. While their goals are similar, the methods that are used for achieving them is quite … Read more

What is Lean management?

In order to successfully implement Lean manufacturing, you need to have the leadership exercising Lean management strategies. This is when leaders push the concept of continuous improvement and waste elimination from the top down. It is not sufficient just to have one Lean manager driving the concepts of Lean manufacturing throughout the facility. Instead, every … Read more