How do I implement Kanban?

By now you have read a lot about the theories behind Kanban, the benefits Kanban can provide, and much more. If you’re ready to get started with bringing the concepts of this system to a reality in your facility, you will need to know how to implement Kanban. This brief guide will outline what you … Read more

How does a Kanban system operate?

Most people in the manufacturing (and many other) industries have heard of Kanban and are likely curious to see if it could benefit their facility. Taking the time to learn more about this methodology, and properly implement it into your facility, can help to reduce waste, increase efficiency, streamline the workflow process, and much more. … Read more

How is Kanban used in production control?

One of the biggest types of waste for many companies is producing to much of a particular product. When this is done, the company will need to either store all the products in a warehouse until they can be sold, sell them at a significant discount (or even a loss), or simply put them in … Read more

How does the Kanban system help manage workflow?

The Kanban system is well-known for being able to help increase efficiency and ensure the workflow of a production line is properly managed. Understanding how this is done can help to ensure your facility has properly implemented Kanban, and is getting as much out of it as possible. Using a Pull System Many manufacturers use … Read more

How is Kanban different from SCRUM?

Kanban and SCRUM are two very popular systems that many facilities are adopting to try to facilitate improvement in their production or other areas of operation. While both have many benefits associated with them, and even many similarities in terms of the goals that they work to accomplish, there are also some key differences that … Read more

Where can Kanban be used?

Since it originally got its start in the 1940’s, the Kanban strategy has been adopted by thousands of different facilities and companies around the world. It is a proven strategy for increasing efficiency, eliminating waste, and generally improving the way things are done within a facility. Many more businesses think about using the Kanban concepts, … Read more

What are Kanban bins?

One of the most important things about the Kanban system is making sure that you don’t have too many parts for a given production process. Minimizing the parts on hand helps to keep things running efficiently, avoids having parts sitting unused for extended periods of time, and generally reduces waste. If done improperly, however, this … Read more

What are the principles of Kanban?

The Kanban system got its start back in the 1940’s when Toyota Motor Company began their efforts to better match their inventory with the customer demand. This ‘just-in-time’ approach was accomplished using visual systems, working with suppliers, and much more. The term Kanban means ‘signboard’ or ‘visual signal’ in Japanese and has shown to be … Read more

What is a Kanban board and how does it work?

Kanban is a system that has been used since the 1940’s when Taiichi Ohno helped innovate Toyota Motor Company’s manufacturing process. Kanban concepts help to reduce waste, increase productivity, and streamline the way things can be done in any workplace. The Kanban board is one type of tool that can help to visualize all of … Read more

What are Kanban cards and how do they work?

The Kanban manufacturing process relies on cards to help ensure the necessary parts and other items are there as they are needed during the production process. Cards can come in a variety of different forms based on the setup that a particular workplace is using. Understanding what Kanban cards are, and how they work, will … Read more