What is HAZCOM training and how often is it required?

HAZCOM training, also known as the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, is designed to protect employees from hazardous chemicals in the workplace. According to OSHA, “effective training is vital to understanding the information provided on chemical container labels and material safety data sheets and applying that information in the workplace to protect against chemical hazards.” Companies … Read more

How does lockout/tagout improve safety?

The lockout/tagout program is one of the most important safety improvement strategies used in workplaces today. It is a relatively simple system that has helped to save many people’s lives, and prevent even more injuries, over the years. Understanding how lockout/tagout improves safety will show why it is so important to implement in the workplace. … Read more

What makes a lockout/tagout program effective?

Implementing a lockout/tagout program is a great way to improve safety in any facility. In many cases, it is even required to remain compliant with OSHA regulations. After implementing this type of program, however, you will also need to know how effective it is so you can make adjustments as needed. Knowing what makes a … Read more

Is PPE required for lockout/tagout?

Workplace safety is an important responsibility of every employer. When there are serious hazards that can cause permanent injuries or even death, it is especially critical to take it seriously. In many cases there are multiple different steps that can be taken to reduce the hazards of a given environment. For example, using a lockout/tagout … Read more

What are machine-specific lockout/tagout procedures?

Lockout/tagout (LOTO) is a program that physically removes the sources of power to a machine, locks them out, and has a tag in place that indicates why the power was removed. This is a safety procedure that is used whenever someone is working in or around a dangerous area of a machine to ensure it … Read more

Why is lockout/tagout important?

The lockout/tagout (LOTO) program is one of the best known and most important safety procedures used today. It has helped to prevent a large number of deaths, and even more injuries, over the past several decades. While it is very simple as far as how it works, its effects are far reaching and proven to … Read more

Where should lockout/tagout tags be placed?

Lockout/tagout (LOTO) are used to physically prevent systems from reengaging while someone is working on or in a machine. The system ensures that when power is physically removed from a machine it will be prevented from being restored by anyone other than the person who is performing the work. This has helped to reduce the … Read more

Is lockout/tagout required by OSHA?

It is well-known that the lockout/tagout system is will help to improve safety in the workplace. According to the latest statistics, using lockout/tagout has saved hundreds of lives and prevented thousands of injuries since it has been widely used in manufacturing and other industries. While the fact that it is so effective should be reason … Read more