How can cables be organized for storage?

If you have cables in your facility that you aren’t currently using, you will want to make sure that they are stored away in a safe way. Cables can be quite costly, especially when they are very long. Keeping them in good working condition will help ensure they will be there when you need them. … Read more

What are ground wires?

When working on electrical wiring it is important to know exactly what you are doing. Even a small mistake can result in a serious shock, fatal electrocution, damage to machinery, or a variety of other problems. One of the most misunderstood aspects of wires for most people is the ground wire. Anyone who does any … Read more

How can cables be effectively organized?

Organizing cables in the workplace is an important part of any effort toward improving safety, eliminating clutter, and generally benefiting the way things are run. There are many different types of cables that exist in most workplaces, including power wires, computer cables, and more. Finding the right way to organize all of these different types … Read more

What’s the difference between a positive and neutral wire?

When working with any type of wires you will find that there are at least two separate wires within (and often three, when there is a ground wire present). Understanding the difference between the positive wire and the neutral wire is critical for safety, proper wiring, and ensuring the equipment that needs the power will … Read more

What does the neutral wire do?

The neutral wire is one of the two primary wires in a standard AC system. It provides the path for electricity to take back to the electrical panel. It will run along with the positive wire, which is what brings the electricity from the panel (or other source) to the machine or whatever it is … Read more

What are the training procedures for wire marking?

Properly marking all wires within the workplace is an important way to improve the overall safety of a facility. As with most things, however, it isn’t always as easy as one would like. Having an effective wire marking strategy in place will only work if you also have the employees and other people working in … Read more

Why are wires so dangerous?

There are many different dangers and hazards that we experience throughout the day. In many workplaces, the number and type of dangers goes up dramatically. Risks to your health and physical wellbeing include things like physical injury, poisoning, fire hazards, explosions, contact with harmful chemicals, and more. One of the biggest dangers, however, is that … Read more

What are AC power standards?

When most people plug something in at their homes or offices, they will be using an AC, or alternating current, power system. This is in contrast to the DC (direct current) power systems that are used in certain commercial and industrial situations, and in residential systems in Europe and other locations. Understanding AC power standards … Read more

What are DC power standards?

DC Power, or direct current power, is commonly used overseas as a way to bring electricity to different locations. While AC (alternative current) is much more popular in the United States for most things, DC is used in certain situations. DC systems include almost anything powered by a battery, solar panel systems, high voltage direct … Read more