What does the Z87 on safety glasses mean?

When looking at safety glasses you may have noticed that they say Z87 on them and wondered what exactly that meant. This is an indication that the glasses are made to the specifications required by the ANSI Z87 set of standards. ANSI is the American National Standards Institute, which is a non-profit organization that is … Read more

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What is the proper way to dispose of PPE?

Personal protection equipment, or PPE, is an important part of the overall safety program of any facility. There are many different types of PPE out there ranging from gloves to hardhats to full-body hazmat suits. In a lot of cases, PPE can be reused multiple times without any issues. In other situations, however, it will … Read more

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When should ear protection be worn?

When working in loud environments people can become desensitized to the constant sound that is surrounding them. While the noise may not cause physical pain, it is often still causing serious damage to the hearing. In addition, constant exposure to loud noise has been linked to headaches, anxiety, and other health concerns. Because of this, … Read more

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What PPE is used for working over dangerous equipment and machinery?

There are many jobs that require people to work at heights. In some of them, the jobs will need to be done directly over some type of hazard such as dangerous equipment or machinery. This is common in construction sites but can also happen in manufacturing facilities and other locations. Whenever someone has to work … Read more

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When is hearing protection required?

Keeping employees safe is a top priority for any good company. While some types of workplace safety are obvious, such as chemical safety or slip and fall prevention, others aren’t so easy to spot. One example of a workplace risk that is often overlooked is threats to people’s hearing. Many factories and other environments can … Read more

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What is NRR?

NRR is an acronym that stands for Noise Reduction Rating. Of all the hazards in the workplace, one of the most frequently overlooked is the dangers associated with loud noises. People who work is loud environments are at risk of hearing loss, headaches, increased anxiety, and many other problems. Since it is not possible to … Read more

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Is there a way to fall safely?

Falls are responsible for a large percentage of workplace injuries. Whether it is tripping over an object, slipping and falling on a wet floor, or falling from a ladder, they can all be very dangerous. While it is obviously best to avoid falls entirely, there are some things you can do to help minimize your … Read more

How often should hard hats be inspected?

Hard hats are one of the most common types of personal protection equipment used in the workplace. These durable hats provide a significant protection against falling objects, bumps, and other hazards. While they are certainly made to last, they don’t last forever, which is why it is important to have them inspected regularly. Inspect After … Read more

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How do you clean lead contaminated clothes?

Through the course of day to day work, clothes get dirty. For most people, this just means they have to toss them in the washing machine and they are ready to go. When clothes are contaminated with potentially dangerous materials, such as lead, however, it requires specialized action. As an employer, it is important to … Read more

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Are fire alarms required by OSHA?

Fire alarms and detectors are essential to keeping employees safe in the workplace. Once alarms are set off, the occupants are alerted that a fire is present and subsequent action must be taken immediately. This can either be fighting the fire with fire protection equipment like fire extinguishers, or safely exiting the building. An emergency … Read more