Does OSHA have forklift regulations?

Forklifts are one of the most common types of vehicles used in many workplaces. They can be found in manufacturing, warehouses, shipping facilities, and much more. While the benefits of a forklift are obvious, the hazards associated with them can often be overlooked. This is why it is so important to take forklift safety throughout … Read more

Why would a forklift tip over?

When operated properly, forklifts are a great way to lift and move a variety of different types of objects in the workplace. They can safely transport pallets loaded with just about anything one can imagine, and bring it to the location where it is needed. Forklifts can, however, tip over if they aren’t operated properly. … Read more

Why is forklift safety training important?

A forklift is a very popular type of vehicle used in a variety of different work environments.  Compared to many other types of equipment, forklifts are also quite easy to operate. This can make it tempting to allow people to operate forklifts without the necessary training. Unfortunately, this can lead to significant hazards that could … Read more

Is forklift certification required?

 Forklift certifications are an interesting topic, and one where there is a lot of misinformation that people believe. OSHA requires that forklift operators be trained and certified before they can run a forklift on their own. They do not, however, offer any type of training or certification program. In addition, they don’t endorse or approve … Read more

Who needs a forklift certification?

Any facility that has to move large or heavy items around will typically want to have a forklift available to perform this task. Whenever a forklift is in use, an operator has to be behind the wheel controlling it. In order to be able to operate a forklift, individuals need to obtain a forklift certification. … Read more

Who issues forklift licenses?

In order to operate a forklift in the United States, OSHA requires that operators are certified to show that they know how to run these machines safely. Many people think that in order to drive a forklift one must attain a special forklift license, but that is not the case. Instead, it is only necessary … Read more

How often should forklift training be provided?

Providing employees with forklift training is an important part of keeping everyone safe. Forklift operators will obviously need the most training since they will be the ones performing the bulk of the duties on these machines. Other people who work with or around forklifts, however, will also benefit from proper training. Understanding what type of … Read more

Who should be trained on forklift safety?

Forklift safety training is an important part of minimizing hazards in the workplace. At first, most people would assume that only forklift operators will need forklift safety training, but that is not actually the case. Just about everyone who works with or around forklifts can benefit from at least some level of training. Of course, … Read more

How is forklift training conducted?

Forklift training is essential for all forklift operators. In fact, OSHA requires that forklift operators are properly trained and certified by their employer before they can operate this type of machinery. Employers are the ones who are directly responsible for ensuring all operator receive the training they need before they ever get behind the wheel … Read more

Can forklifts carry passengers?

Forklifts are known for being able to pick things up and transport them to various places within a facility. While they are great for moving lots of different things, they certainly aren’t designed for everything. When it comes to moving people, for example, a forklift should only be carrying the operator. Forklifts are not designed … Read more