What can grocery stores do to protect customers while social distancing?

Communities across the country are taking steps to slow the spread of the coronavirus by limiting close contact, and supermarkets and grocery stores are quickly increasing safety measures to protect customers running their essential errands. Sneeze guards Installing a plexiglass shield at checkout lines protects both the cashier and customer from possible virus-containing droplets that … Read more

Where can I use floor marking for social distancing?

For workplaces that are still operating, stores open to the public, and facilities seeing patients during the Coronavirus pandemic, establishing social distancing measures is critical for reducing the rate of disease transmission. Floor marking tape is not just for those looking to mark mechanical equipment, label storage areas for raw materials, comply with OSHA regulations, … Read more

What floor marking shapes can I use for social distancing?

Many places like grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, etc. are implementing social distancing tools such as floor signs to help remind customers to stay six feet away from others at all times. These can be anything from X’s, dots, footprints, arrows, etc. as long as the visual tools are noticeable to customers and employees. By placing … Read more

What are the best visual tools to promote social distancing?

Visual tools are one of the best strategies to use for promoting social distancing by reminding others to practice the infection preventative technique. These tools have been showing up in a variety of essential businesses that are still in operation since large amounts of people still gather there for essentials like food, prescriptions, etc. Social … Read more

Are ANSI and ASME the same?

There are countless acronyms in the safety world which can cause a little confusion on which is what. One of those questions is whether or not ANSI and ASME are the same thing and if they cover the same subjects. The American National Standards Institution (ANSI) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) on … Read more

How do ANSI classes relate to PSI?

There are different ANSI/ASME classes that designate the pressure rating of flange connections for pipes with contents under pressure. Flanges specifically use ANSI classes rather than referencing PSI, they are different because they use bolts as fasteners rather than a threaded means of connecting pipes. While these ANSI classes can often be seen on some … Read more

What are the steps to get ANSI certified?

Becoming ANSI certified is no easy business. There are several steps that the applicant or certification body must complete before they can be awarded those sought-out credentials from an accredited entity like the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). The ANAB happens to be the largest accreditation body that covers multiple areas of expertise in North … Read more