What industries are affected by Phase Three of the federal guidance for reopening?

In short, all industries are affected by phase three of reopening the country during the global Coronavirus pandemic. Not only does phase three allow for full staffing capability at businesses, it allows for larger group settings, and less restrictions on customers entering somewhere like a retail business. Employers, employees, and visitors must still exercise caution … Read more

What are examples of administrative controls?

Administrative controls are changes in the way that things are done in an attempt to improve safety. There are many ways that they can be used to help reduce workplace hazards. In most cases, administrative controls are implemented voluntarily to help ensure that a facility and its employees are as safe as possible. In other … Read more

What is a risk assessment?

A risk assessment is an effort that is made to identify what risks may be present in a given area, with the goal of finding ways to reduce or eliminate those hazards. In addition, when assessing a risk it is necessary to try to identify what will happen should that risk take place. There are … Read more

What is the goal of a risk assessment?

There are quite a few potential goals of a risk assessment. At the core, the main goal is always going to be to improve workplace safety and make sure that a company is prepared for any type of hazard that may occur. The specific goals will vary greatly depending on the type of risk that … Read more

What is rotational shiftwork?

Rotational shiftwork is a type of scheduling that has employees working various different shifts based on a number of different factors. There are advantages and disadvantages to this type of scheduling for both the employees and the employers. This type of scheduling is commonly used in industries including manufacturing, shipping, healthcare, and more. Companies considering … Read more

What are hazard controls?

Hazard controls are various types of steps that can be taken to limit or even eliminate various hazards in the workplace. These steps are organized into a hierarchy of controls, so people can attempt to perform the most effective option first, and then go down the list until they reach the bottom. In some cases … Read more

What are safeguards?

Improving safety in the workplace takes more than just telling people to wear personal protection equipment or finding ways to eliminate hazards. Your workplace safety strategy needs to look at every possible way to keep people and the facility safer and implement the most effective options. Safeguards are steps that can be taken to make … Read more

What types of businesses need to be OSHA compliant?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, is an agency of the federal government that is dedicated to making sure employers in the United States are safe. They are best known for making regulations designed to ensure employees are safe at work, but they do much more than that as well. Just about all … Read more

Why is OSHA training important?

OSHA is best known for creating and enforcing a wide range of different rules and regulations that businesses in the United States need to follow. While this is certainly a major component of what they do, it is not the full picture. OSHA also offers training to employers, employees, and others who need to learn … Read more