What are hazards in a confined space?

A confined space are areas in the workplace large enough for a worker to enter but not designed for continuous occupancy and has limited or restricted means for entry and exits. Common on construction sites, some examples of confined spaces include pipelines, tunnels, manholes, ductwork. Some of the most common hazards of working in a … Read more

What does SCBA stand for?

SCBA stands for self-contained breathing apparatus, sometimes called industrial breathing sets. Typically used by firefighters and in industrial workplaces, SBCAs are a type of respirator used when the atmosphere is immediately dangerous to life or health. An SCBA provides breathable air where oxygen deficiency, smoke, dangerous gases, or other airborne contaminants present. SCBAs were also … Read more

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What is asset tagging?

Asset tagging is an effective solution for organizations to keep track of items of value owned by the company. From tools to computers, it’s important to tag these items to avoid misplacement, loss, and theft. By labeling each item with a unique asset tag, you can accurately monitor assets being circulated within different departments or … Read more

What is TRIR?

TRIR stands for Total Recordable Incident Rate. Also known as Total Case Incident Rate, TRIR is a key metric for evaluating the organization’s safety performance from the past year. It is a lagging indicator created by OSHA and used additionally for comparing safety performances of organizations within a particular industry. With TRIR, the lower the … Read more

What does AHJ stand for?

AHJ stands of the authority having jurisdiction. The AHJ is not a single entity. NFPA defines AHJ as “an organization, office, or individual responsible for enforcing the requirements of a code or standard, or for approving equipment, materials, an installation, or a procedure.” AHJs do not implement or publish new laws. Instead, the primary role … Read more

What are occupational health hazards?

Occupational hazards can make a cause a number of health problems for workers. These health hazards can fall under one of the six primary hazard categories: physical hazards, chemical hazards, biological hazards, ergonomic hazards, and behavioral hazards. Some common workplace hazards associated with health risks include: Loud noises: Hazardous noise levels or exposure to loud … Read more

What does FOD stand for?

FOD stands for foreign object debris and foreign object damage. The term is most commonly used in aviation or aerospace and refers to anything alien to an aircraft or system that could cause damage. However, FOD can also pose issues to a number of manufacturing sectors where foreign damage has the potential to compromise safety, … Read more