What is an ESO?

The acronym ESO stands for European Standardization Organizations. There are currently three committees that hold this title in Europe and those are: CEN – The European Committee for Standardization, or Comité Européen de Normilisation as the acronym is intended, prioritizes the health of the European Single Market and global trading while also providing the necessary … Read more

What are European electrical standards?

European electrical standards are only a small segment of the vast number of European Standards, or EN, that exist to keep citizens safe from harm. European electrical standards are created and approved by one of the three European Standards Organizations: CEN, CENELEC, or ESTI. To put it simply, everyone knows there are different plugs and … Read more

What is the European Standard EN 50110?

The 50110 European electrical standard, ratified by the three ESOs in Europe, covers all general requirements for electrical activity that deal with working on, with, or near electrical installations at varying different levels of voltages. To put it simply, the standard essentially goes over all aspects of safety and installation when electrical risks are present … Read more

What is the NEN 3140 Standard?

The NEN 3140 Operation of Electrical Installations – Low Voltage standard is a Dutch standard that works in tandem with EN 50110. Bundled together, both the NEN 3140 and NEN-EN 50110 standards are referred to as “Operation of electrical installations 1998” and cover both low voltage and high voltage working conditions. Overall, NEN 3140 covers … Read more

What is the difference between NFPA 70E and EN 50110?

The differences between the United State’s NFPA 70E standard and Europe’s EN 50110 standard are enough to warrant a comparison of the two. The following are a handful of significant differences between the two electrical safety standards: Training requirements and personnel responsibilities NFPA 70E – There are two different classifications of personnel described in this … Read more

What are the best way to label warehouse racks?

The best ways to label warehouse racking lies in the clarity of the location label. Location labels are what mark the place of an item that can be found by scanning a barcode, which then will give the scanner the precise location of the product to go find in the warehouse. How these warehouse locations … Read more

What are some different rack labeling strategies?

There are numerous different routes that a business can take when considering implementing a rack labeling strategy to improve their inventory management program. Each strategy works to improve communication and reduce the number of human errors in its own way, whether that be communicating via frequency, concerning the warehouse layout, or visual communication in the … Read more

What is the best system to keep track of inventory?

There is no “best” way to keep track of inventory since all inventory management techniques have their merit as long as it works for the facility that has implemented it. However, there are a few best practices for rack labeling, since it is one of most popular inventory management options. These tips are helpful to … Read more

What type of barcodes are used for rack labeling?

The most common type of barcodes used for warehouse rack labeling are one dimensional barcodes, they are also known as Universal Product Codes, or UPC. One dimensional barcodes can be seen everywhere in stores on products and in warehouses where manual inventory management practices are necessary to be able to run production smoothly without any … Read more