How much does a warehouse scanning solution cost?

Oftentimes, plans for warehouse improvements get held up solely by the costs associated with bringing on a new improvement strategy. Unfortunately, continuous improvement doesn’t come free. But on terms of how much it costs to have a new scanning solution set up for a warehouse, the costs even out quickly in terms of how much … Read more

What are the benefits of using barcodes?

Imagine having to keep track of everything by hand whether that be inventory, shipping items, WIP items, and anything else that needs to be documented by suppliers and manufacturers. To put it simply, this wastes the time of the employees and increases the time it takes to get products to a customer. The inefficiencies of … Read more

What is the best way to generate and print barcodes?

The best way to generate and print barcodes involves the users identifying what they want in terms of ease and effectiveness. Out of those two attributes, the decision often lies in what they need the barcode labels for, how much money the company wants to spend, and how fast the labels can be made and … Read more

What is RFID asset tracking?

Keeping track of company assets whether that be computers, heavy machinery, medical devices, or anything else, can be an enormous undertaking that not only takes up time in documentation efforts, but also takes up the valuable time of employees if they have to spend more time than normal searching for a particular asset. All those … Read more

What are the advantages of a QR code over a barcode?

While normal 1D barcodes may be the standard and easy “go to” option for a majority of companies that need to gather information about a product efficiently and effectively, 2D barcodes such as QR codes are taking up residence in facilities and becoming more commonplace for more reasons than many may think. With that being … Read more

What can barcoding be used for?

Barcoding can be useful in a number of different settings. Barcodes are a prominent tool used in facilities such as warehouses, distribution centers, stores, and manufacturing facilities. They not only help identify items, but also work to improve maintenance efforts and even have a hand in controlling inventory levels. Picking the right barcode label is … Read more