What colors are used to define a work area?

Work areas and work cells are usually marked off with solid yellow floor tape. Employers might also lump in white floor tape with this as many objects and their proper locations may be labeled with this color. For example, white can be used for workstations, racks, movable carts, etc. Utilizing yellow and white tapes for … Read more

What is black and yellow tape used for?

Black and yellow hazard tape/barricade tape is one of the most well-known color combinations in all industries. Primarily used to alert employees about using caution in certain areas, or even prohibiting entry, this kind of tape is ubiquitous in the safety world. Yellow and black hazard tape can be seen in the following instances: Used … Read more

How do you tape a warehouse floor?

Taping a warehouse floor requires a few important steps prior to laying down industrial floor marking tape. The process is the same for all industries looking to place tape down for numerous different situations. Floor marking tape can be for warehouses, distribution facilities, hospitals, schools, the oil and gas industry, in water treatment plants, and … Read more

How can floor markings improve productivity?

Improving productivity levels is no easy task when it comes to a bustling and crowded workplace. However, with the right tools and information, this to-do can be much less of a headache than what was initially imagined. The answer is floor marking. Marking floors with industrial floor tape, floor shapes, and signs is one of … Read more

How can floor markings be utilized in aisles?

Storing objects in aisleways facilitates product and employee movement within production lines. Keeping these spaces clear and organized are essential for a smooth flowing process. However, achieving this is difficult without the right tools. With that being said, industrial grade floor markings are made for this exact application. Let’s go back to the two necessary … Read more

What does markings on a shop floor indicate?

Markings on a shop floor can indicate a multitude of things, which are all dependent on the location of the markings as well as the color the tape is. Color standards for floor marking are regularly sourced from OSHA and ANSI, a regulatory body and a standard setting organization respectively. Becoming compliant with OSHA’s color … Read more

What is marking tape used for?

Safety marking tape is used for a plethora of situations that all involve keeping people alert and aware of their surroundings. Color coded floor marking materials allow employees to understand the potential dangers they are dealing with in the surrounding environment. The bonus of safety tape is that identification through color is much faster reading … Read more

What are the 9 safety colors?

The nine safety colors are defined by ANSI’s Z535.1 standard, the first of six individual standards that make up ANSI Z535. Those colors and color combinations include: Red must always be used for fire protection equipment, flammable liquids, danger signs, and stop buttons. Orange must always be used for signs that are attributed to energized … Read more

What is 5S tape?

5S tape is a colored multipurpose tape made of strong vinyl material in addition to a rubber-based adhesive. This tape, named after its usefulness in a 5S Lean manufacturing techniques, is an excellent tool for labeling, marking off areas, and even for pipe marking and shelf labeling. How to Use 5S Tape The following is … Read more

What does a blue and white striped tape indicate?

Workers and bystanders are probably more familiar with the yellow and black striped hazard tape, also known as barricade tape, that is universal for alerting people of physical hazards. However, there are other hazard tapes that play an important role in the industrial world such as green and white for safety and first aid, or … Read more