What is a substance?

Substances can often be mistaken with mixtures, when in fact they are two very separate concepts when it comes to chemistry and hazardous chemicals. The following is a basic comparison of both substances and mixtures: Chemical Substances A chemical substance is defined as a form of matter that has a constant chemical composition and can … Read more

What is a CAS registry number?

The CAS registry number, also known as a CASRN or simply CAS number, identifies a wide variety of chemical substances with a sequence of random digits. Created by the Chemical Abstracts Service, this unique number can have up to ten digits. There are up to 1 billion number sequences that can be chosen to label … Read more

Why is the CAS number important?

Originally, CAS numbers weren’t required to appear on Material Safety Data Sheets. Back then, MSDSs were not formatted in a way that allowed for maximum utility. Once OSHA made the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals required for all businesses that handled hazardous chemicals, the chemical information requirements changed rapidly. This improvement … Read more

Is the CAS number the same as the MSDS number?

There isn’t one, but two distinct numbers on a Safety Data Sheet for hazardous chemical identification. Those are the CAS registration number and the SDS ID number (formerly known as the MSDS number). These numbers are not interchangeable! Sometimes these can be mistaken for each other, but in fact they serve very different purposes and … Read more

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