Who Regulates the Labeling Standards for PV Systems?

When installing or upgrading any type of photovoltaic (PV) system, you need to make sure that everything is set up and configured properly. This, of course, starts with making sure that the system itself is handled correctly, but you also need to make sure that you have the proper safety requirements in place. This means … Read more

What are Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Labeling Requirements?

The use of solar panels in both residential and commercial environments is growing quite rapidly. Over the years, these solar photovoltaic systems have been installed on roofs, in open fields, and even over large bodies of water. Along with the growth in popularity of these systems came several important regulatory requirements to help ensure they … Read more

Where Should Solar PV Labels be Installed?

When installing a solar PV system, you need to make sure that you have all the key components labeled properly. This will not only help ensure the system is safer to work with, but will also provide important information to anyone performing maintenance on it down the road. As with all electrical systems, there are … Read more

What are Distribution Boards?

A distribution board is a part of an electrical system that takes electricity from a main source and feeds it through one or more circuits to distribute the electricity throughout a facility. This is often called an electrical panel, panelboard, or even a fuse box. Virtually all homes and businesses will have at least one … Read more

How to Paint an Electrical Panel Cover?

If you have an older electrical panel that is scratched up or otherwise not looking good, you may want to give it a fresh coat of paint. Some facilities will even want to paint their electrical panel to get it to match the walls around it when they are painted a new color. It is … Read more

What is the Voltage of a Neutral Wire?

This is a common question that one would think should have a simple answer, but that is not actually the case. The neutral wire is often said to have zero voltage on it. If you touch that wire on a live system, however, you will often find out very quickly that technically having zero voltage … Read more

What Levels of Voltage are Lethal?

This is a very common question, but the answer is not as clear as many people would hope. The amount of voltage it will take to kill a person will vary greatly based on many different factors. For example, it takes very little electricity to kill someone if it is applied directly to the heart. … Read more

Who Regulates Electrical Panel Labeling?

Electrical panels represent one of the most important, but also most dangerous, items in any facility. When installed, managed, and labeled properly, they can work for years without problems and cause very little risk to those who work with or around them. If, however, a company fails to label them or does something else that … Read more

Does an Electrical Panel Need a Cover?

The regulations related to electrical panels can be quite confusing, especially when it comes to the cover of the panel. Many people believe that all electrical panels must have a front cover or door on them, but that is not actually the case. Interestingly, most regulations only say that these panels need to have a … Read more