How are Kaizen events run?

Kaizen events are actions that are taken within a facility to try to improve an existing process. While most people think of Kaizen events only as major changes to processes, that is not always the case. Companies can engage in this type of event to address issues with smaller processes as well. The important thing … Read more

What is the Kaizen method?

The Kaizen method is a strategy used by companies to help facilitate continuous improvement. The name comes from the Japanese terms Kai, which means change, and zen, which means good. In this case the best translation to English is that it means ‘change for the better.’ This has been a popular system for quite a … Read more

What does PDCA mean?

PDCA is an acronym that stands for, ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act.’ In some cases it is said to stand for, ‘Plan, Do, Check, Adjust’ instead. Either way, the concepts are the same and the processes that companies are following will be the same. It is a simple option for helping a business with the goal … Read more

What is PDCA?

PDCA is a very popular system used for problem solving and process improvement in businesses around the world. It stands for, ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act.’ PDCA is a cyclical system applied in business to keep improving things with the goal of eliminating any type of defects, waste, or other problem. Companies should never settle for ‘good … Read more

What are quality circles?

A quality circle is a group of workers who do similar types of work and meet regularly to attempt to identify and solve work-related issues. In most cases this is a volunteer group of people who meet during work hours. While each company can have them set up differently, the quality circle will typically be … Read more

How does Kaizen work?

Kaizen might be performed on a daily basis and goes beyond improving productivity. Employees are encouraged to use scientific methods to improve their own tasks to make things more efficient. Some businesses use daily Kaizen. Some business use Kaizen events. Other businesses use a combination of the two. Daily Kaizen Daily kaizen is something everyone … Read more

What does Kaizen mean?

The literal definition of the Japanese word Kaizen is “change for the better,” however, over time the definition has transformed to “continuous improvement.” This interpretation has been taken to heart in multiple different business practices like healthcare, life coaching, banking, etc. The focus, however, has centered around the manufacturing world as well as business practices. … Read more

Is Kaizen the same as Lean?

Kaizen and Lean are terms often used interchangeably but are in fact two separate entities. Both are different concepts, tools, and strategies used to solve specific problems in different ways. Kaizen and Lean both focus on similar key components. Lean manufacturing is a business model while Kaizen can be defined as a philosophy and a … Read more

How does Kaizen reduce waste?

The Kaizen methodology is based on continuous improvement in the facility. Using Kaizen means constantly looking for incremental improvements that will help to improve processes. The end result is often times reducing or eliminating waste. The following are just a few examples that stem from the 8 Wastes of Lean. Defects in the end product: … Read more

What are Kaizen principles?

Kaizen can be broken down into many things: keys, principles, foundation elements, etc. Whatever you would like to classify it as, the following list is a compilation of components that make up Kaizen. Continuous improvement: The core of Kaizen, continuous improvement should also be at the core of every Kaizen activity and Kaizen event. The … Read more