How does Kanban affect mass production?

Kanban is used to operate a system opposite of mass production. In mass production, production is scheduled based off a forecast of customer demand. Taking into account industry trends and historical production data, a number is calculated to represent what demand is expected to be. The schedule is then tailored to ensure enough products are … Read more

When does Kanban fail?

Kanban is one of the best known and most effective strategies used in the workplace today. It was first developed in the 1940’s and has become a very popular strategy in manufacturing and other facilities around the world. When reading about Kanban, it is easy to find endless articles and stories about how much it … Read more

Is Kanban part of Lean manufacturing?

When looking for ways to improve a manufacturing facility, you will come across a lot of information discussing both Kanban and Lean manufacturing techniques. It can become confusing to understand the difference between the two, and how they are related. In many cases, Kanban and Lean manufacturing can be used together, and even used to … Read more

How does Kanban affect lead time?

When using Kanban one of the biggest changes that many companies have to make is in terms of what triggers them to create additional products. Without Kanban, most facilities will create a substantial inventory of items that they will then work on selling to their customers. With Kanban, however, the strategy is to wait for … Read more

Who uses the Kanban system?

When talking about Kanban, most people first think about the manufacturing industry. This makes sense given the fact that it really got its start with the Toyota Motor Company, where it helped to increase the efficiency and decrease waste while making vehicles. Today, however, people in just about every industry can benefit from the advantages … Read more

How can Kanban help with cutting down waste?

Kanban is a very popular scheduling and organization system that is used in manufacturing and other industries. It provides a variety of different benefits, including the reduction of waste. Understanding more about how Kanban works will help to illustrate how it can help with waste reduction in your facility. Just in Time Kanban uses the … Read more

Where can Kanban be applied?

Kanban was developed by Toyota Motor Company, and has been an effective scheduling system used in manufacturing plants for decades. It helps to streamline production, reduce waste, and improve the success of a company when it is implemented. While it is best known for its use in the manufacturing industry, it has been getting quite … Read more

How can I use Kanban in project management?

Project management can be a very difficult job regardless of what industry you are in. There are estimates that as many as 70% of projects fail to accomplish all their stated goals, which costs businesses billions of dollars each year. Finding better ways to manage projects is important for employees and businesses of all types. … Read more

How do I implement Kanban?

By now you have read a lot about the theories behind Kanban, the benefits Kanban can provide, and much more. If you’re ready to get started with bringing the concepts of this system to a reality in your facility, you will need to know how to implement Kanban. This brief guide will outline what you … Read more

How does a Kanban system operate?

Most people in the manufacturing (and many other) industries have heard of Kanban and are likely curious to see if it could benefit their facility. Taking the time to learn more about this methodology, and properly implement it into your facility, can help to reduce waste, increase efficiency, streamline the workflow process, and much more. … Read more