How do thermal printers work?

Thermal printers are mostly used in receipt printers and industrial situations. The concept behind this type of printer is relatively simple, but very efficient for the areas where they are used. There are two types of thermal printers, and they work differently. Understanding how they work can help you to pick the right one for … Read more

What is a direct thermal printer?

Thermal printers are printers that use heat to copy an image onto material. Media (such as paper or synthetics) that has been chemically treated so it’s heat-sensitive passes under the thermal printhead and blackens in order to create an image. These printers are a much more sustainable and user-friendly alternative to traditional laser printing, and … Read more

How are labels made?

 In industrial environments, thermal transfer printers are one of the most commonly used methods of making labels. These printers are able to create high quality labels that withstand light, heat, water, and abrasion, and which can include text, images, and barcodes. Thermal transfer printing is typically the preferred printing method due to its ability to … Read more

Why is labeling important?

Labeling is essential in any facility no matter the industry, for a wide variety of reasons. From warning of potential hazards to reminding workers to keep their areas clean, labels and other types of visual communication enhance the way your business operates and ensures that people have the information they need to work efficiently and … Read more