What do the colors represent on the NFPA diamond?

The NFPA diamond is one of the most iconic safety symbols in many different industries. Anywhere that works with potentially dangerous chemicals or materials will have seen this diamond. Even those who don’t work in these types of industries will likely have seen them on the backs of semi-trucks that are transporting dangerous solutions. The … Read more

What is the NEC?

NEC stands for the National Electrical Code. It is a set of codes developed and maintained by the National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA. The NEC is also known as NFPA 70. It is the set of standards that are used for safe electrical design, installation, and inspection. The goal behind the NEC is to … Read more

What is the NFPA?

NFPA stands for the National Fire Protection Association. It is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1896 with the goal of eliminating death, injuries, property damage, and other issues related to fire and electrical related dangers. The association is perhaps best known for the various codes and standards that they publish to help accomplish … Read more

Are NFPA and ISO standards the same?

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) are two of the largest and best-known entities when it comes to creating standards that are used by businesses around the world. While they are certainly similar in many ways, these two organizations are not the same. What is the NFPA? The … Read more

Where should NFPA diamonds and labels be?

If your company is using the NFPA labeling standards, it is important to take steps to ensure you are doing it properly. This includes understanding how to get the proper labels that you need, and knowing where they should be used. This brief article will outline the standards and best practices on where NFPA labels … Read more

Who enforces NFPA standards?

The NFPA is one of the best-known entities in the world when it comes to setting safety standards. Specifically, the NFPA 70E standards have been adopted by millions of companies for improving electrical safety, chemical safety, and other safety areas in the workplace. This leads many people to ask about who enforces NFPA standards, and … Read more

What are the NFPA standards for fire extinguishers and fire sprinklers?

The National Fire Protection Association publishes many different safety standards, including several focused on fire extinguishers and fire sprinklers. Almost all employers need to have a qualifying fire safety system in place, which will typically include extinguishers and sprinklers. Making sure these essential tools are kept in proper working order and in compliance with best … Read more

How can I be certified by the NFPA?

The NFPA puts out a lot of different safety standards that offer information on how to keep employees safe in the workplace. In addition to these types of standards, they also offer a variety of training courses and certifications that people can attain. These certifications will serve as proof of an understanding of a specific … Read more

What PPE is required by the NFPA?

The NFPA has written safety standards for a wide range of different hazards. Part of these standards is ensuring employees have access to the right personal protection equipment for a given situation. There are many different types of PPE available today so employees can get significant protection from almost any type of danger. Facilities that … Read more

What is NFPA 70E?

NPFA 70e is one of the most important safety hazards that has been developed by the National Fire Protection Association. It is titled, “NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace” and covers a wide range of different subjects related to electrical safety. This standard has been around for decades now, but had a … Read more