How high does a fire extinguisher sign need to be?

Fire extinguishers are an important safety item in every facility. In order to be effective, however, it is important to ensure that people are able to find them in an emergency. Even if you walk buy a fire extinguisher every day, when the stress of an emergency hits, you might not remember precisely where it … Read more

How high should ADA signs be posted?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is set up to help ensure people with disabilities are not unjustly restricted. Part of this act provides guidelines on how various types of signs should be posted so that those with disabilities can easily read them. While this is a good thing in general, it can be difficult … Read more

What do black and white traffic signs mean?

When driving down any public road in the United States, you will see a lot of different signs. There are different categories of signs, and each category will typically have a set color scheme to help drivers quickly identify their meaning. Black and white traffic signs are almost always going to provide drivers with regulations … Read more

What are ‘Safety Zone’ signs?

Workplace safety is an important priority in every industry. In facilities where injuries are more common, or more serious, a lot more attention is typically paid to keep people safe. In many situations it may be necessary to designate specific areas where safety is of critical importance. In these areas, it is not uncommon for … Read more

How can facilities get signs made?

Signs are used for many different things in the workplace. Finding a good way to get the exact signs that are needed is important in most industries. There are quite a few different options to choose from, and the best ones will depend on the specific requirements. Whenever looking for a good place to get … Read more

What is a yield sign?

A yield sign is most commonly used on roadways and other areas where there is vehicle traffic. The sign is intended to alert drivers and pedestrians that they need to yield the right of way to another party. These signs will typically be found at an intersection where there is not a huge amount of … Read more

What does caution mean?

Caution means ‘the trait of being cautious; being attentive to possible danger,’ according to the dictionary.  This is certainly accurate in general, but when it comes to practical situations, such as the workplace, caution can have a much more nuanced meaning. Understanding what caution means in a given environment is very important for keeping everyone … Read more

What color is a yield sign?

Of all the traffic signs that people see on a daily basis, there is the most confusion about what a yield sign actually looks like. When asked what color is a yield sign, quite a large number of people respond that they believe that it is yellow. The fact is, however, that standard yield signs … Read more

What are different types of construction safety signs?

Construction sites can easily be one of the most dangerous types of workplaces and could benefit a great deal from safety signs. Both employers working in the construction site and pedestrians passing by can be at risk and signs can protect both parties. Hazards that can be commonly found in a construction zone include falling … Read more

What can I use floor signs for?

It may not seem like it, but the floor is one of the best areas to put down a safety sign. Industrial floor signs were developed to be durable and withstand forklift traffic, heavy pedestrian traffic. The floor signs here at Creative Safety Supply are made with an extremely strong adhesive backing that will stay … Read more