Where should emergency eye wash stations and showers be located?

Facilities must not only be equipped with the right emergency features, but they must be installed to provide employees with the quickest and greatest relief from contaminants. OSHA refers to the ANSI/ISEA Z358 standard when to comes to addressing minimum selection, installation, operation, and maintenance requirements for eye wash equipment and emergency safety showers. The … Read more

What is the NSC?

The NSC is the National Safety Council, a nonprofit organization that has been a leading advocate for safety since its founding in 1913. Its mission is to reduce the number of preventable deaths that occur in the U.S. Although the Council has several areas of focus, including eliminating preventable deaths that occur in communities, at … Read more

What is PSM?

 PSM is process safety management, a standard that was created by OSHA to prevent the release of highly hazardous chemicals and, in the event that an accidental release does occur, helps to minimize the consequences. A facility that correctly implements the PSM standard actively works to prevent disasters that concern dangerous substances through communication, training, … Read more

What does EHS stand for?

EHS stands for Environment, Health, and Safety. Companies in a variety of industries have adopted EHS programs that not only ensure employees are safe at work, but also ensure that the quality of the environment and the health of the local community are protected from any hazards or consequences of the company’s operations, such as … Read more