What industries are affected by Phase Three of the federal guidance for reopening?

In short, all industries are affected by phase three of reopening the country during the global Coronavirus pandemic. Not only does phase three allow for full staffing capability at businesses, it allows for larger group settings, and less restrictions on customers entering somewhere like a retail business. Employers, employees, and visitors must still exercise caution … Read more

What are employer responsibilities during the recovery period?

As the country moves forward with reopening various businesses and easing restrictions on gatherings of all types, it is important to remember that the COVID-19 virus is still a very real threat. Employers have a very real responsibility to minimize the risks that their employees are exposed to when they return to the workplace. The … Read more

How should workplaces implement exposure controls?

Whether your business has been open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, or you are just starting to open back up, it is critical that you implement proper exposure controls. Employers are always responsible for workplace safety, and that extends to keeping employees safe from the spread of this (or any) virus. Fortunately, there are many things … Read more

What OSHA standards apply to reopening facilities?

As the country continues to work on opening back up after the COVID-19 shutdown, many business owners want to know what they need to do to keep their employees and customers safe. OSHA has released some standards that will help to ensure the reopening of facilities is handled in a safe and effective way. It … Read more

How can equipment be sanitized and disinfected?

Community and workplace facilities are areas subject to a higher level of person to person contact during operating hours. The first step in knowing how to properly sanitize and disinfect equipment is to identify the places that need it. These can include areas like breakrooms, desks, bathrooms, etc. Determining what to sanitize and disinfect regularly … Read more