How is tool foam cut?

Foam organizers are an excellent way to create a custom tool organization system in your tool box. Two sheets of closed-cell foam are cut to fit inside the drawers of a tool box, a dark layer of foam on top and a bright bottom layer on bottom. By cutting out the shape of the tools … Read more

How can workplaces encourage employees to clean and sanitize their tools?

Keeping the workplace sanitized and disinfected during an infectious disease outbreak, like that of Covid-19, is essential in preventing rapidly spreading disease. However, creating this type of safe workspace cannot be done if not all employees or their employers are on board with new sanitization protocols. A large number of factors are involved in encouraging … Read more

What is closed cell foam?

Closed cell foam is a material that is used in a wide range of different environments because it is strong, yet flexible. The material has millions of internal pores (cells) that are packed very tightly together, but are not connected. This is where the name ‘closed cell’ comes from. Depending on the exact type of … Read more

How can a tool chest be organized?

If you work with tools of almost any sort, you undoubtedly know the frustration of not being able to find the tools you need when you need them. You also know how much it costs when you lose (or have stolen) and important tool because you couldn’t properly track them. To solve these problems, it … Read more

How can toolboxes be organized?

There are few things more frustrating than reaching into a toolbox to find a cluttered mess and being unable to find the one tool that you need. Organizing a toolbox, however, can also be quite difficult if you don’t know what to do. Even placing everything in the right spot once will only keep it … Read more

What are different types of tool organization?

At Creative safety Supply we offer a variety of solutions when it comes to organizing tools in the workplace. A workplace could use one of these strategies or a combination of a few for an effective tool organization strategy. Having effective tool organization strategies in the workplace will help to reduce wastes, save time, and … Read more

What are the cons of using a toolbox?

Using a toolbox and tossing tools in there with no organization plan will not only waste resources, but could lead managers to reordering unnecessary replacement tools, or workers getting injured. Purchasing a toolbox is a good step in the right direction of tool organization, but it shouldn’t stop there. Many toolboxes lacking an organization strategy … Read more

How can the use of colors improve tool organization?

Using color is an excellent and effective tool for nearly any organizational efforts of a workplace. Both color coding and using a two-color organization system can add an extra level of organization to your strategy. Whether tools are organized with a pegboard or tool foam, the use of color can be a huge advantage. Using … Read more

What should my first step in tool organization be?

Taking a cue from 5S, the first step of tool reorganization should be to sort. Sorting will help to get rid of common problems almost immediately including getting rid of tools and materials impeding workflow, reduce time wasted looking for parts and tools, and eliminating safety hazards that have resulted from a cluttered workplace. Before … Read more

How can I use labels for tool organization?

One of the oldest and most effective organizational strategies used in any application is labeling, and labels used alongside other tool organization strategies are an easy way for workers to quickly identify proper placement of tools and materials. Bins, toolboxes, tool chests and drawers are all areas where labels can be placed. Any drawers that … Read more