Do valve tags have words, numbers, or pictures on them?

Valve tags are an important safety item in facilities around the world. In many places they are required in order to follow the standards put out by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Even these organizations, however, don’t have a lot of strict requirements regarding what will … Read more

How do I start implementing valve tags?

When working toward improving workplace safety, adding valve tags is a fairly easy and affordable option to consider. If your facility doesn’t yet have valve tags in all the places where it should, you’ll want to make a plan of action on how to implement this important safety item. The following is a simple step-by-step … Read more

Are valve tags the same as pipe labeling?

Visual communication techniques are important in just about all areas of a facility. When looking at pipes, valves, and other aspects of this type of system, it is even more critical. This is because pipes and valves are often located up in the ceiling, under the floor, behind a wall, or in some other location … Read more

How many valves should I tag?

Valve tags are an important resource for many types of workplaces. These tags are intended to make it easier for employees, maintenance personal, emergency workers, and others to determine what type of solution is contained behind a valve. Opening a valve can release the solution to the surrounding environment or allow it travel into another … Read more

When should I use a pipe tag?

Pipes contain and transport a wide range of different liquids and gasses throughout most workplaces. These could be relatively harmless things like water, or it could be deadly gas, acid, steam, or other dangerous solutions. To help improve the overall safety of the piping system, it is important to use pipe tags in all appropriate … Read more

What are the valve color codes?

Color coding valve tags is an important form of visual communication. When followed properly, employees will be able to identify what type of fluid or gas will come out of a valve when it is opened at just a glance. Even if there is no other information available on the valve tag, the color will … Read more

What is a valve tag chart?

Valve tags are a great way to quickly share information in the workplace. They are placed on the various valves and have important information listed on them. In many cases, a valve tag will be quite small so it can’t include all the necessary information. Even when larger tags are possible it is helpful to … Read more

How do valve tags work with a LOTO system?

Valve tags are a great resource in most facilities and provide a lot of safety benefits. While most of the time they will be installed as a permanent source of information about the valves they are attached to, they can also be used as part of a lockout/tagout program. This can help to keep employees … Read more

How do valve tags improve workplace safety?

Workplace safety managers know that it is often the smallest things that can help to make the most important improvements in the safety of employees, equipment, and the public. One example of this is using valve tags to provide information about a valve to those in the area. Learning how valve tags can improve workplace … Read more

What are temperature based valve tags?

Temperature valve tags are those that are used in situations where the temperature is either very hot, or very cold. These tags are designed to be able to stand up to the extreme temperatures without getting damaged or unusable. Understanding when these types of valve tags are necessary will help to not only ensure it … Read more