What are Examples of Engineering Controls?

When looking at the hierarchy of controls, you will see that engineering controls are the middle (or third) option. To put it simply, engineering controls are when people (or equipment) are physically separated from the hazard.  One of the simplest examples of this would be when a machine’s motion creates a location where someone would … Read more

Why Should a Workplace Implement Hazard Controls?

One of the most important things that you can do for your workplace is to make it safer. Focusing on safety not only helps to minimize the risk for your employees, but it also helps to eliminate waste and improve the efficiency of your company. When you identify a potential hazard in your facility, you … Read more

Is Rotating Shiftwork Unhealthy?

In many industries it is necessary to have work being performed around the clock. When this is the case, employers have a variety of options to help ensure all the needed hours are covered. Sometimes an employer will simply set up multiple shifts of work and assign specific employees to specific times of work. While … Read more

What Does IAQ Stand For?

IAQ stands for Indoor Air Quality. It is a concept that is used to determine how pure the air is in and around buildings and other structures. This is an especially important topic for facilities that use any type of hazardous chemicals or have work that is done in confined spaces. When air is not … Read more

How are Forklifts Safely Operated?

There are many different hazards that exist in the workplace. Forklifts are frequently involved in accidents and injuries because of the fact that they are used so often in many different environments. While there is no doubt that forklifts can be hazardous, they are also considered an essential piece of equipment in many workplaces. Fortunately, … Read more

How Does Floor Marking Improve Forklift Safety?

When operating a forklift, the operator needs to be aware of many different things. They need to watch for how the load is balanced, whether it will fit through an area, the people around them, and much more. If even a small mistake is made, it can result in the load falling off, someone getting … Read more

What Hazards Does a Forklift Pose?

Forklifts are one of the most important pieces of equipment in many different workplaces. Whether it is a warehouse, a manufacturing facility, a construction site, or any number of other situations, forklifts allow you to efficiently move items around with ease. While they are undoubtedly practical, they can also be very dangerous if not used … Read more

How Often Should Operators Inspect Their Forklifts?

One of the most important things that can be done to improve forklift safety is to make sure that the forklift itself is in proper working order. To do this, forklifts need to be properly inspected on a regular basis. While a detailed inspection by a mechanic may only need to be done occasionally, the … Read more

What are the Most common Forklift Accidents?

If you have forklifts operating in your facility, you need to make sure that you are doing everything possible to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. When an accident occurs with a forklift, it can cause severe damage, injury, or even death, which is why this is such a serious issue. While there are … Read more